Our Projects


Examples of Our Projects

Machinery Installation

61 Wire Rigid Head Strander

Cole Services typically installs several large rotating production lines per year. Many of these stranders are installed  as turnkey installations.

Rigging and Lifting

40 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane

Cole Services added a new 40 Ton capacity gantry crane in 2017. This new gantry is for the assembly of large heavy pieces of machinery.


Process Piping Fabrication and Installation

Most machinery installations require piping for either fluid power or process cooling. Welded, threaded, stainless, black, PVC or copper, Cole Services has the skilled craftsmen to complete your piping projects.


Steel Fabrication

Mezzanines and equipment platform are just a few of items we produce in our fabrication shop. Custom machinery frames like the holding furnace in the adjacent picture are seen frequently on the shop floor. Pictured here is a Dual Lift Wet Test Table.

Electrical Panels

Custom Electrical Panel Fabrication

Electrical panels include drawings, design, fabrication, and programming. Our Panel applications typically include PLCs, Drives, Panelviews, and Remote I/O.

Machinery Fabrication

Custom Machinery Fabrication

When machinery cannot be purchased from an existing manufacture, Cole Services can design and build custom units specifically for your needs. Pictured here is a Dual Aluminum Rod Payoff.