Custom Machinery

Cole Services has been designing and building custom machinery for over 60 years. Each unit is designed and built to the customers unique application.

Machinery: This rewind unit is a typical example of a piece of equipment manufactured at Cole Services.

Wet Capstans:  Machinery designed for water cooling applications.

Reel Payoffs and Takeups:
 Payoffs and takeups designed to fit the specific needs of the customer

Custom Electrical Cabinets:  When stock electrical cabinets or enclosures will not fit the customers needs, we will design and manufacture custom cabinets.

Cooling Troughs:  Troughs specifically designed to cool customer products in a temperate water bath.

Custom Manufactured Machinery

  • Complete working units developed for the customers unique application.
  • Full System package available
  • Electrical control package
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic powered systems
  • PLC and motor drives