About Cole Services

Cole Services was founded in 1946 by Weldon Cole. During the first years of operation the company served primarily as a general contractor. By the early 1950's Cole Services had moved from commercial construction to industrial construction. Since that time we have continually served the needs of industry.

Currently, David Cole is the president of Cole Services. Through his leadership the company has expanded to become a full-service industrial contractor, who is committed to providing our clients superior quality and services that exceed our client's expectations.

Our Facility

Cole Services has been located in Denison, TX for over 68 years. Over time we have acquired adjacent properties and expanded our facility to the entire 1600 block of Morton street in Denison, TX .Our facility has grown from one small building to a complex of five unique structures. Each of these structures is specialized to optimize our ability to service the diverse requirements of industry.


Cole Services manufacturing facility and corporate office is located at:

1624 W. Morton St.                                         Denison, TX 75020